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 O’Lentil, the alternative protein food

O’Lentil is a sustainable, plant based, alternative protein. It is low in fat and high in fibre making it a very healthy choice for your daily protein’s. O’Lentil is pre cooked, so there is no need for prolonged cooking, which means meal preparation times are relatively short and easy. Take a look in our growing recipe collection to see how versatile O’Lentil can be. It is made from all natural ingredients, with no preservatives and additives. It can be eaten on its own, as part of a dish as an ingredient, or even cold as it is pre-cooked. It makes a great base for a commercial menu in pubs and restaurants, or a fantastic ingredient of your everyday lifestyle.

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The healthy alternative

O’Lentil is a very healthy alternative to other protein sources. It is low in fat, low in salt, contains no sugar, high in fibre, high in bran, high-protein with no colouring or preservatives. It is perfect for fast foods and lovingly prepared meals.

  • High protein
  • High fibre
  • Low calories 144 per 100 g
  • Low in salt
  • No colourings or preservatives
  • No added sugars or oils
  • Dairy, soya and GM free
  • Sustainable plant-based food
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