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About O'Lentil.. the real alternative protein food
picture of Nick Buckingham the creator of O'Lentil
Nick Buckingham - Creator of O'Lentil

As a professional chef in hotels and restaurants I was often in need of a protein source for vegetarians and vegans with a texture that could be cut.

As there was nothing on the market at the time I developed O’Lentil – a very versatile protein ingredient. My vision was to create a tasty, unique, easy to use and cook, plant based protein food that can be used by all. The new convenience food.

O’Lentil is made from oats, lentils, herbs and spices. It is steam cooked and is very quick and easy to use in many recipes.

At the moment it is produced in “Slice & Dice” and chub formats for the catering outlets. 1 kg, 2 kg and 4 kg chubs are for commercial and manufacturing uses. We are now producing a 350 gram Slice  & Dice for the retail sector.

A sustainable food source, O’Lentil is quick to prepare and cook. As it is already steam cooked, making for a healthy base, further prolonged cooking is not required, saving on costs and energy.

O’Lentil has no added ingredients to bulk it out or artificially prolong shelf life.

A flexible vegetarian, vegan and flexetarian protein

O”Lentil is an extremely flexible protein source. It can be eaten  straight from the packet, or used as an ingredient in many dishes for maintaining a healthy diet. It is suitable for almost all ethnic, ethical and religious beliefs. At only 80 grams per serving O’Lentil is filling and so good for those who are being careful about their weight.

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