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Mushroom O’Lentil Stroganoff  

Mushroom O’Lentil Stroganoff  

 Amount 2 persons

  • 175g O’Lentil “Slice & Dice”cut into strips
  • 50g finely sliced onion
  • 50g finely sliced mushrooms
  • 10g finely sliced gherkins
  • 20g garlic oil
  • 10g white wine vinegar
  • 100g vegan white sauce  (see recipe)
  • 5g of paprika pepper
  • Seasoning
  • Fresh chopped parsley


Pan fry the onion and mushrooms in garlic oil until soft Add paprika, gherkins and vinegar.

Add white sauce and boil – reduce until it starts to thicken

Add O’Lentil and cook for 4/5 minutes. Season with care and finish with parsley

To Serve

 Serve with noodles

Points to Watch

Add parsley at the last minute

Do not over cook sauce as it should not be too thick

O’lentil is steamed cooked, so prolong cooking is not required

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