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O’Lentil And Onion Tart

O’Lentil and Onion Tart


1 x 25cm tart or 8 cm individual tarts


1 x 25cm pastry case blind baked (cooked)

250g onion

250g O’Lentil sausages cut into small dice

50g garlic oil

250g cream or vegan white sauce (see recipe)

3 eggs

Chopped parsley


Grated cheese if desired


  1. Fry onion in garlic oil (without colour) add O’lentil, mix well
  2. Mix cream or sauce, eggs and parsley
  3. Season with care
  4. Fill pastry case with onion and O’Lentil, top with cream mix and cheese if required
  5. Bake tarts in oven until firm – 25 minutes at 180oc

To Serve

It can be served warm or cold with a piquant sauce

Points to Watch

Make sure the pastry case has no holes in it or the cream mix will run out when cooking

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