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O’Lentil Mediterranean Samosa

O’Lentil Mediterranean Samosa

20 samosas


O’Lentil filling

240g g of O’Lentil “Slice & Dice” cut up, placed in a food processor and reduced to puree

10g of fresh basil

20g black olives

10g garlic oil

20g tomato passata


Ingredients for samosa

6 sheets of fillo pastry

Sweet chilli dipping sauce

Flour and water paste – mix as thick as mayonnaise


Method for filling

In a food processor add the garlic oil, olives, tomato, basil and seasoning to the O’Lentil paste – blitz  well until smooth paste

Method for samosa

Cut each sheet of piece pastry into four, length ways.

Take a strip of pastry, place 1 spoon full of mix at bottom of pastry

Take one corner and fold across to form a triangle, then fold the triangle over again, repeat until all the strip of pastry is folded and the end result is a triangle the last fold stick down with paste of flour and water

Egg wash samosa, roll in bread crumb with black sesame seeds

These can be frozen at this stage if required

Cook  in a deep fryer – 190c  Fry samosa until golden brown 3 to 4 minutes, drain well


To serve

Season with care and  dress with  micro herbs, purple crisps and serve with sweet chilli sauce

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