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 O’Lentil Pizza

 O’Lentil Pizza

For 2 persons


2 pizza bases

160g of O’Lentil “Slice & Dice” sliced

200g tomato sauce

10g garlic oil

25g chopped onion

25g sliced red pepper

25g olives stoned and sliced

10g basil shredded

50g grated cheese cheddar and mozzarella




In a large flat pan fry the onion in garlic oil until soft, add tomato sauce and reduce by half

Pour sauce onto the pizza bases thinly, add basil, sliced O’Lentil, red pepper and olives and season with care.

Sprinkle with cheeses. Cook for 12 minutes in hot oven

To Serve

Cut into 8 pieces. Serve with chilli flakes and coriander if desired

Points to Watch

Ensure the base is fully cooked and the cheese is fully melted.

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